Igniting Communication is a New York-based business consulting company offering a fresh approach to team building. Using the intrinsic appeal of music, we help organizations motivate their employees, enable creative thinking and develop more productive teams.

Through our lively, interactive programs, participants discover how to collaborate with each other in new ways. Team members improve their problem solving skills while learning to work together more effectively. The experiences they share will stay with them long after the program is over.

Drawing upon our backgrounds in business communication, psychology and music, we guide clients through basic songwriting and music making exercises. Participants brainstorm ideas together, work under deadline pressure and produce a measurable end result: a song.

The Igniters
Andy Karp is a veteran business journalist, magazine editor, marketer and bandleader. For over 20 years, he has studied best communication practices of successful companies.

Debbie Cohen, LCSW is a clinical social worker and former music therapist. Drawing upon her extensive experience as a private psychotherapist working with individuals, families and groups, she has the tools to help employees share their strengths and constructively work on differences.

Unlike large consulting companies, we are directly involved in all aspects of our business and provide clients with personalized service. Partners in both marriage and music, our unique combination of knowledge and skills create a strong foundation for successful team building. Our services offer clients an unparalleled opportunity to improve their organization by strengthening its most valuable asset—its people.




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